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October 6, 2009


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Hi guys. Most of you are confused. The official site is So dont come to anymore. Ok? 🙂 Btw, I am the owner of now and Jeepkid7 owns



August 15, 2009

Ultimate Gary Tracker -Festival Of Flight

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Hey Penguins! Jeepkid7 here with an awesome Gary Tracker that I created for Penguin Expert! This tracker will allow you to have the precise location of Gary! I am sure most of you would love to meet the inventor of Club Penguin’s gadgets. Take a look at the tracker below! To find his precise location, refresh the tracker. Sometimes the tracker will jam up and freeze, so the location may take awhile to pop up. Just be patient with the Beta Edition of the Gary Tracker, please. Thanks, good luck!


Room: Tallest Mountain… –Refresh

Server: Tracking… –Refresh

Last Seen: Blizzard… –Refresh

Festival Of Flight

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Hey Everyone! Monkeydude Here! The Festival of Flight has finally arrived to Club Penguin and we are now in the air with blimps, propellers and all the “airplane” stuff :p. Here are the cheats for the Festival of Flight:

You can pick up a an awesome free green propeller cap at the Plaza. This one is the same as the red one just a different color


You can take a flight on the hot air balloon to get to the tallest mountain at the Forest where you might find the famous penguin Gary!


Last but not least, You can pick up a members only jetpack at the Tallest Mountain.


How to get to the Tallest Mountain:

1. Go to the Forest.

2. Take a ride on the hot air balloon.

3. Take the exit when you arrive at the Tallest Mountain.

Congratulations! You have now found all of the cheats to the Festival of Flight. Be sure to explore the new Club Penguin party for some adventure. Hope you have a “BLAST” at the Festival of Flight!

Penguin Expert Main Owner, Monkeydude

Club Penguin Sand Castle Pin!

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There’s a new pin on Club Penguin. Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin sand castle pin:

1. Open up the Club Penguin map.
2. Go to the Mine.
3. Walk  into the cave.
4. Waddle up to the sand castle pin.









Woot congrats! You did it! Now you have the new sand castle pin! Thanks for reading!

Penguin Expert Main Owner, Monkeydude


August 12, 2009

Club Penguin Times, Issue #200

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Hey Penguins! Jeepkid7 posting! The Club Penguin Times, Issue #200 is out! Wow, it’s been a long adventure, but we have finally reached the 200th issue. I was kind of bummed out because they didn’t bring out a new pin like Club Penguin did on the 150th issue. But, of course I forgot to receive it. Haha, better luck next time! Well, now let’s get onto the newspaper! Coming soon, around August 21 – September 10, there is going to be a new play! “Underwater Adventure!” You may remember, but everyone got confused over the misconception that this “play” was really a party. This was actually not true! But, keep your eye out for the new upcoming play.

Picture 19

Next, we have our Festival of Flight event coming up! There has been tons of talk and discussion over when, and how Club Penguin will take off into the air. Club penguin has also been thinking about what will happen to the cove, dock, and other island shores! What do you think is going to happen? The Festival Of Flight will officially launch on the 14th of August through the 18th. I can’t wait until we officially take off into the air! Oh my gosh, now I am starting to think. What happens if we fall of the side off the island? ; – )

Picture 20

That’s mostly it for the 200th Issue of the Club Penguin Times! Make sure to check out the other awesome info-packed sections in the newspaper! I had a fun time reading about the waddle down memory lane. Haha, I remember those beta days. Maybe not, I wish. : – P  Whenever you see a beta penguin waddling around Club Penguin, everyone gets all excited. I don’t know what it is. Is it the fact that so many penguins like to meet the original penguins? Or is it the fact that people enjoy seeing rare penguins? Think about that. Does the term, rare, really make sense? Thanks, but for now, waddle on!

-Club Penguin Expert Main Owner, Jeepkid7

Club Penguin Expert -Youtube Video #3

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Hey Penguins! Jeepkid7 here with our latest Club Penguin Expert Youtube Video! I understand that many of you have seen this video, but many of you also never had the chance to view it. We had it up earlier above our contest post, but I would like to show you guys it even more because I really think you will enjoy it! This video gives you the chance to see the funny side of Club Penguin Expert! If you are one of our new fans, you can also check out our Youtube channel by going to which is full with many Club Penguin Expert videos! We are currently still creating our subscriber base and more videos, but to get the scoop on future videos, please subscribe! I would really appreciate it if you all took the time to watch our latest Club Penguin Expert Video!

Did you enjoy the video? We have put so much effort and comedy into this video, so I hope you felt it was worth the watch! Let me know what you thought about it by commenting on our channel or you can comment on this post! In other news, we have recently purchased a new domain, which is now in use! You can access our site by going to that link or you can still use the domain! Your choice, we want to give you as much freedom and options with our site as possible. Thanks, but for now, waddle on!

-Club Penguin Expert Main Owner, Jeepkid7

Festival Of Flight Preview!

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Hey Penguins! Jeepkid7 here with some awesome news! Penguins may not be able to fly, but that doesn’t mean that Club Penguin can’t! In a few days, for the first time ever, Club Penguin will be an island in the sky. When we first thought of the idea of putting Club Penguin in the sky, we loved it, but then we started asking ourselves some questions. What happens to the Beach or the coastline of the Cove? Can penguins still play Hydro-Hopper? And what does a device powerful enough to lift an entire island even look like, and where would we put it? For the full answer you’ll have to wait until the party, but I can show you this behind-the-scenes concept art from when we were trying to answer all these questions ourselves:

Picture 15

1. Club Penguin will take off into the air on a huge rocket!

2. Club Penguin will be lifted by a giant blimp!

3. Club Penguin will be flown up into the air by propellors!

Which of these options will Club Penguin choose! Meanwhile, how did you enjoy the contest? I had a fun time waiting to post the code. I am sure many of you got the code, but one of you unlocked items with the code the fastest! Maybe next time you will have to use your speed to win our contests. Thanks for everyone who participated. Remember, the key was to Refresh a bunch!

-PenguinExpert Main Owner, Jeepkid7

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